Dig the Details

We dig the details. Let's answer some common questions.

Where are you located? We are a home-based, micro soapery, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We truly are a small business.

Are your products vegan? Yes, we use all plant based ingredients. For our vegan customers, we skip on bee related additives and animal milks, which does not sacrifice anything in quality.

Are your products cruelty free? Of course! No one wants to hurt our furry friends!

Do you use essential oils? Sparingly. Due to sustainability, we like to save the essential oil goodness for peak performances, aromatherapy in our shower steamers, and for the cleaning/shine benefits in shampoo and conditioner.

Is parfum/fragrance oil bad for you? Not the ones in our products! All of our fragrances are phthalate free, which is the standard in Candian cosmetics. All of our fragrance oils are purchased here in Canada, in our own city of Calgary. We also take care to use the safe usage rates for skin care products, and home fragrances.

Do you use preservatives? Yes, in products which contain water (lotion, room spray) or will likely come in contact with water (sugar scrubs, shampoo/ conditioners). Our preservatives are paraben free and used within skin safety standards. We want our products to be reliable and keep the nasties out! Our bar  soap (cold process) has a ph level that does not allow mold or bacteria to grow, it self preserves.

Are your products all natural? Let's keep it real! We like to use bright colors and fragrances that come from a lab, and are skin safe, yay science! Nerdy details: our soap bars are made with oils and butters (i.e. fats), which are mixed with sodium hydroxide (lye), and the chemical reaction, called saponification, is what makes it soap. The lye is not left in the final product, but interestingly, glycerine is produced and left behind, which is great for skin. With our other products, we have dug deep to make sure we use the safest and gentlest ingredients possible, and ones that are cruelty free.

Do your products contain palm oil? Yep! We are supporting those farmers/producers and their communities, who are choosing to do things sustainably, so our palm oil is RSPO, meaning, responsibly sourced. It makes our soap hard and long lasting, and keeps our products vegan, with no animal fats used.

Are your products handmade? Yes, every single one of them are made by myself, Alice, the owner and creator of Delve Soap Company.