Meet the Maker

Hello! This small shop (home based) is run by me, Alice, the owner and creator behind Delve Soap Company, with the helpful input, enthusiasm, and lifting skills, of my husband Lennie, who can be seen with me at markets here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I became interested in soap making a long time ago, when I was home full time with my first born, we visited the library often, and I checked out books about making soap. The first soaps I made were by a method called hot process, where the soap is cooked. Loved it, but only made a few batches.

Fast forward about 15 years later, I was looking at job listings, and a soap supply company came up. I decided to look into the soap process again, to gain more knowledge, and even though I didn't apply for that job, I started shopping there for supplies! After delving into all the many details of cold process soap making, and then soon after, bath bombs, I was hooked, on both!

This interest continues to grow to other cosmetics as well. It has been fun, and challenging to perfect this craft. I'm always learning, and constantly inspired. Thanks for taking the time to view and hopefully enjoy my creations.