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Delve Soap Co.

Shower Steamer

Shower Steamer

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Elevate your shower experience with this Shower Steamer, combining the therapeutic benefits of essential oil aromatherapy and the invigorating effects of menthol. Enjoy the soothing steam of your shower, relax your senses, and experience a refreshing burst of energy.

To use, place at the bottom of your shower, or place it on a shelf, out of the direct stream of water, allowing it to get wet in order to activate. Once the fizzing begins, the aroma will mix with the steam of your shower. If all of the steamer is not dissolved, use it again in your next shower!

CAUTION: this contains a high amount of essential oils and menthol, not meant for extended exposure to skin. Only for shower use, as aromatherapy. DO NOT put in bathtub and bathe with it. This is NOT a bath bomb.

Batch variation. Approx. 70 g.

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